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Joey Castro


Joey has been performing improvisational and sketch-comedy in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for over five years. Using knowledge gained from the Four Day Weekend Training Center, he has diligently worked to improve not just his performance skills, but also his day-to-day communication and social collaboration. After graduating from the training program, he has continued his improvisation education under highly-respected instructors, such as Norm Holly of the Second City Chicago and Mike Descoteaux of Improv Boston.

Joey has performed with numerous 4DAY House Teams since their inception. In addition to improv comedy, he has acted in and supported the 4DAY Sketch-Writing program in numerous shows for the past three years. He can be seen performing long-form improvisational comedy in Dallas and Fort Worth with his teams KMP and Swear Jar, as well as the non-profit company, Curtis Needs A Ride.

As an engineering professional, Joey is passionate about providing a collaborative, creative outlet to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. He credits improvisation with his growth in self-confidence and empowering his ability to communicate and connect with others. Through teaching and coaching, he hopes that improv can benefit people, in the same manner, onstage and in life.


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